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About The Society

The Midwives Society of South Africa aims to raise the status, maintain the integrity, support and promote the interests of the midwife, develop and promote an adequate, efficient and effective midwifery service in South Africa, consider every matter in connection with or with reference to midwifery and act as an advisory body, bring about liaison and cooperation with other groups and health care providers associated with midwifery, encourage the establishment of local groups in order to promote the aims and goals of the Society, promote research in midwifery and promote liaison with midwifery groups internationally.

About Us

Midwives in South Africa are the front line caregivers and back bone in maternal and child health care. The pressure is on midwives to meet the challenges of providing quality care to both women and children. It is imperative for midwives to continuously improve their clinical skills whilst simultaneously continue to maintain, reinforce and maximize their focus on interpersonal care. We must all assume the commitment to be active players in all aspects of our profession in order to contribute to the development of midwifery. We need to deal with the challenges of transformation and change brought around by the dynamic needs of our society in the 21st century. Only by improving our practice and meeting these challenges head on will we be able to become the leaders our profession requires of us.

The current President of the Society of Midwives of South Africa is Elgonda Bekker.

 The midwives of South Africa have demonstrated their commitment in providing quality care by forming a society committed to meet the challenges head on.

SOMSA envisions midwives being sensitive and empowered to deliver effective Midwifery services in SA.

To influence and engage with Midwifery structures and all relevant stakeholders regarding education, regulation and policies that impact on the Midwifery practice.

*Please read our constitution for more details on what we stand and strive for.

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