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About The Society


The Midwives Society of South Africa aims to raise the status, maintain the integrity, support and promote the interests of the midwife, develop and promote an adequate, efficient and effective midwifery service in South Africa, consider every matter in connection with or with reference to midwifery and act as an advisory body, bring about liaison and cooperation with other groups and health care providers associated with midwifery, encourage the establishment of local groups in order to promote the aims and goals of the Society, promote research in midwifery and promote liaison with midwifery groups internationally.


SOMSA 2018 Presentations

Below are the downloadable presentations for the SOMSA 2018 Conference:

South African Neonatal Skin Care Guidlines

Click here to read the guideline

A newsletter for Provincial Assessors of Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths

Click here to read the newsletter

International Womens Day – Statement by Franka Cadée, ICM President

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WHO recommends Intrapartum care for a positive childbirth experience

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Saving Mothers Report 2014 – 2016

Saving Mothers Executive Summary | Saving Mothers: Short Report

Listeriosis – Symptoms and Prevention

Find out more about the symptoms and prevention of Listeriosis

Symptoms and prevention | Who has a higher risk?

Listeria Outbreak affects pregnant women

The Health Department is seeing more cases of Listeria (a disease spread through food). Pregnant women need to take care, it can affect your baby.

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Respectful Care Training video

Herewith below is a video link shared by the NDoH’s Maternal and Neonatal Health Programme and recommended by the Ministerial National Committee on Enquiries into Maternal Deaths. This training video is aimed at trainers who train care providers in empathic engagement skills.

Click here to watch video

SOMSA 2017 Presentations

Below are the downloadable presentations for the SOMSA 2017 Conference: